Crypto Asset Rating Inc. Launches Its Advanced Rating Platform To Rate Crypto Assets


NEW YORK, June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Crypto Asset Rating Inc (CAR INC), a US-based Fintech company, is delighted to announce the launch of the Advanced Rating Platform for Rating Crypto Assets. CAR INC has built a revolutionary and proprietary advanced rating system to provide transparency, auditability and astringent rating governance structure. The comprehensive scoring framework includes 125 scoring parameters grouped into 15 categories.

The advanced rating platform will help investors understand the long-term viability, credibility and risk associated with crypto assets and the objective analysis of the company issuing the asset.

“We are delighted and delighted to bring our advanced rating platform online,” said Pramod Attarde, Founder and CEO of Crypto Asset Rating Inc. “Together with the team of industry experts, we have designed a comprehensive platform that is independent, ethical, transparent and impartial. This platform will enable investors to perform a unbiased and objective analysis of crypto assets. to make the right investment decision. We believe in making a significant difference in the digital economy by transforming global capital markets.

CAR has identified four broad categories of valuation risk for early rating platforms – business risk, legal risk, technology risk, and financial risk, which will ideally give investors an accurate estimate of risk. These risk categories provide a structured way to analyze crypto assets. The company has taken a multi-layered approach to ensure that every crypto asset goes through multiple layers of risk assessment to authenticate rating scores. CAR’s robust engine has internal and external analysts who contribute their analysis as part of the rating process. In addition, the final rating committee conducts a rigorous review of the well-defined rating grid, and then the rating is issued. Rating ratings are divided into three ratings: investment rating, speculative rating, and vulnerable rating.

The company follows a strict rating governance framework over which anyone involved in the rating process cannot influence. Therefore, the company aspires to give its assigned rating the highest credibility within the investment community. CAR regularly reviews the rating and revises the rating to ensure that it is appropriate for the company’s existing market and conditions.

Ratings are forward-looking opinions on the risk of investing in different crypto assets. CAR’s rating opinions are based on the analysis of experienced professionals who evaluate and interpret information received from crypto asset issuers and other available sources to form a considered opinion.

The Fintech company helps investors identify suitable investment opportunities and understand the credibility of different products using CAR’s powerful rating platform. It takes into account all the major qualitative and quantitative factors and helps investors assess the risk associated with the asset.

About Crypto Asset Rating Inc.

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. is committed to filling the gaps in the fintech market and connecting governance institutions with existing and new thought leaders in the fintech industry.

Our product network includes one of the transcendent and innovative products of the crypto industry – Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP), a software as a service (SaaS) that offers the process of creation, issuance, management and converting an asset into digital securities. TAP does this by leveraging tokenization technology to split ownership of stocks, bonds, stocks and commercial / residential real estate.

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Keeping the outlook of the Fintech world in the years to come, Crypto Asset Rating Inc. has isolated the planning to develop other Fintech products and services such as Crypto Index, Exchange Rating, Sovereign Rating and ETF which provide income potential.

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