Teeth in particular are not only a beauty ideal, but also very important from a medical point of view. Because if you have an unfavorable tooth or jaw position, you won’t be able to bite hard. In addition, the misalignment means that the joints and bones in the jaw are worn differently, which leads to pain and premature wear.

Many teenagers therefore share a fate with one another. You have to walk through life with braces that are supposed to create a perfect tooth and jaw position and achieve a beautiful appearance. The enthusiasm for such a clasp is of course limited. And not just on the part of the teenagers. Parents are also not very enthusiastic when their children need braces. After all, it costs a lot of money. The average cost is between 4,000 and 7,000 USD. The health insurance companies only cover part of the costs, so that a personal contribution of 20 percent has to be paid by the parents of the braces.

Normal treatment can cost around 1,000 to 1,500 USD, which parents have to pay for. If the treatment is more complex, this sum can increase significantly again. Since only a few parents have this money at their disposal, a loan for the braces is taken out. There are two common variants for this.

Credit for orthodontic braces

Credit for orthodontic braces

Most orthodontists are aware of the fact that the cost of braces clearly exceeds the budget of many parents. If you then have two or more children and need braces for each child, you will quickly face an unsolvable task. Therefore, many orthodontists offer a loan for financing braces directly in the practice. It is a financing model that usually consists of six monthly installments and thus significantly reduces the financial pressure on the parents. 1,500 USD thus become 250 USD that have to be paid monthly. A sum that is quite feasible and makes life much easier for many parents.

This credit is particularly advantageous for the clip if it can be applied at a manageable or high rate. Because the orthodontist does not charge any interest for its financing, so that only the costs for the braces have to be paid and not additionally the costs for an interest rate or a processing fee. This financing is disadvantageous when such high installments cannot be paid. Then all that remains is to go to the bank to take out an installment loan.

Credit for braces from the bank

Credit for braces from the bank

If the loan for the braces cannot be taken from the orthodontist, the bank must be asked for help. On the one hand, the overdraft facility is available, which can quickly deliver the required money. However, the interest for use is very high and the overdraft facility should only be used if it can be quickly offset.

On the other hand, it is advisable to take out a simple installment loan. Since a braces loan is a small loan, there are many different offers that have a very low interest rate. The additional costs are therefore manageable and the loan can be repaid quickly due to the low loan amount. Most parents ask the house bank for the loan for the braces, because the application is quickest there. However, if you have some time and make a comparison between different offers on the Internet, you will probably still find cheaper offers than the offer of the house bank and thus save additional money.

By the way: If you have additional dental insurance for the child, you can also try to settle part of the costs there. Depending on the insurance, the braces may be included in the service catalog.

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